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Last year I trained with Jodi before the Junior World Championships where I clinched the Title and it proved to be a great decision. My slalom improved and I became more confident on the water. Jodi is great for people of all ages and levels and I definitely recommend skiing with him!

Lauren Morgan

Hey buddy!

Jurgen SchweigerThanks so much for the fabulous coaching over Easter. It took me 4 years to understand what you're on about picking up direction and following the direction of your ski, but I finally get it and am able to put it on the water and more importantly repeat it every single turn on and off side! The difference is amazing! Just by moving my shoulders out of the way and let the hip come around which now isn't blocked, the angle I get and the speed and balance out of the turn (now more level and rotational as opposed to leaning) is unbelievable. The line just picks me up and sling shoots me to the other side and I'm in a strong position from the back of the buoy to the other side with the pull behind me so never get pulled out of shape or have to absorb load by sitting down. Am wider on 12m than I have been on good 14's before with full line control both sides and no heavy unload. Thought I'd let you know as it's only down to you and your patience and perseverance on that key point. Every set gets better and better and am convinced that this is the most important step forward in my understanding of skiing in years. You're the only coach I know who really has a concept and doesn't just fix problems! Will be my key focus for the season, no doubt. Hope to see you soon.

Cheers, Jurgen Schweiger (Germany)

It was great! Jodi had me back the speed down to 28mph. It felt weird at first, but it forced me to stand on the ski correctly. Then a few passes getting 1 and 6. Then 1, 5 and 6, then 1, 4, 5, 6, then 1, 3, 4, 5, 6.. and finally 1-6. I couldnít believe it I got all 6!!! Granted it was without the gate, and I suspect a little creative boat driving by Jodi, but I did get all 6 once! Then two more passes where I got 5 balls (just nipping #5 both times). Obviously Iím excited. Clearly Iím now a believer in this method of training. I just hope I can build on this on our site. It will help that you ski the same technique. I canít thank you enough for setting me up with Jodi!! What a nice guy, I was impressed with him as a person as well as a skier.

See you soon, Leon

Dear Jodi,

Tony BidwellOn behalf of myself, David, John and Joe I would like to thank you for a great two days. The instruction was top notch and as usual right to the point. For John and Joe this was their first trip to an instructor and they were amazed at how much you taught them in such a short time. We have plenty to work on and now we can be more helpful to each other since we know better what to look for. I'm planning on returning in late Feb. as we discussed and I wouldn't be surprised if the other guys come too. As the time approaches I'll call to reserve some time. Thanks again, it was a great time.

Sincerely, Tony Bidwell


I wanted to shout out a big thanks for the ski lesson last Sunday. It was a very enjoyable day of skiing and we enjoyed watching you ski as well. I have been to many ski clinics over the last twenty years with various Pros and, without a doubt, you are the tops. Before attending your class, I hit a wall in my waterskiing and was stuck at 32 off for several years, never being able to make the leap to 35 off. Now my first day skiing (two days) after your class, I ran a 33 1/2 off (35 loop plus a 1 1/2', 39 1/2 section), two 35s back to back and 2 balls at 38 - incredible! Thanks so much for your patience, positive attitude and keen understanding of slalom skiing. Your ability to isolate key issues in both Toni's and my form/technique and ability to relate that to us in a way that we're able to understand and learn from, definitely made running the course much easier for us both. We both thank you for your expertise and look forward to skiing with you again in the future.

Sincerely, Daryl & Toni Wetzel